Common Signs from Angels

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a loved one up in heaven. When I lost my father 3.5 years ago, I was constantly asking for signs so that I knew he was around or at least okay. I was always searching the internet for angel signs and meanings, and reading books on how to communicate with them.

Its totally normal to wish for signs from loved ones that have passed into the next dimension. Please know that you are not alone, and that your loved one is probably around you way more than you realize, you just don’t take notice. It’s easy to pass off these signs as “normal every day occurrences” but your angles and loved ones in spirit are probably throwing their hands up in the air with frustration and laughter waiting patiently for you to “get it.”


I’m writing this post one day after seeing a psychic medium. I had this session paid for and booked over a year ago, and yesterday, I finally got to go. I was extremely nervous and almost backed out. But I went…something was telling me that I needed to go. I mainly wanted to speak with her about what to do with my own psychic abilities, and to get advice on how to sleep again with all the chatter coming into my mind when I lay down at night. But obviously I also wanted her to connect with my dad. I communicate with my dad regularly on my own, but sometimes, you just need someone else to tell you the things you may already know, to make it seem that much more real.

When using and exercising your own intuition and communication abilities, its super easy to doubt yourself and what you think is happening. It’s also super easy to doubt those signs that you might be second guessing as normal occurrences. But if you’re asking for a sign, don’t overlook things that give you that “feeling!”

My dad and I

Lets go over the common signs angels like to give us to let us know they are around


  • Specific animals you’ve associated with your loved one may take physical form, or could appear to you in dreams, on postage stamps, signs, books, etc…

    • My dad has most definitely been sending hawks into my path for the last couple of years, I see one almost every day, typically near where he lived!


Natural Phenomena

  • Especially during times of distress, you may notice rainbows, beautiful sunsets, crazy storms or gusts of wind.

    • The night my father passed, we witnessed the most amazing Northern Lights (aurora borealis) show in our own back yard. We could make out the shape of an angel in the light dancing. Another occurrence happened after I met with the psychic medium, on my drive home, I kid you not, the most amazing sunset occurred. Its just a knowing that “yep, dad is showing off again” Don’t feel silly for thinking this is a sign, you will know it in your heart!



  • butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies and other insects are all common signs spirits can manifest and send to us.

    • After I met with the psychic medium to speak with my dad, there was a lady bug in my car. Another occurrence, one of my friends was nicknamed Ladybug, and the night she passed, a lady bug appeared on my pillow.



  • Angels and spirits can leave feathers in your path. This is one of the most common yet overlooked signs that spirit is with you! The color of the feather can take on new meaning and message as well.

    • Hawk feathers…blue jay feathers…dove feathers… turkey feathers. This is the most common sign from my angels that I receive. I collect them all and always keep them nearby as a reminder. I have one of the hawk feathers in my car to signify guardianship with me while i’m driving.



  • Angles love to leave pennies and other coins in our path as a sign to say they are near.

    • I’ve found a few pennies that are definitely from my dad, maybe even my grandpas. Again, this is always going to feel like a “knowing” in your heart that its from your loved one. It will appear soon after you’ve been thinking about them.


Tickles, Touch, Tactile Sensations

  • I always know when an angel is near when I feel a little tickle on my skin. My dad used to tell stories of the same phenomena. Other sensations felt could be goosebumps, a cool or warm breeze, or a tingle.

    • When I was with the psychic medium, my dad was tickling my feet as she was channeling him. It took everything in me not to burst out laughing as she was so serious. I looked down to see if anything was physically touching the top of my foot and when I didn’t see anything, I then realized, oh yeah…its you. LOL


Direct messages through signage, music lyrics, books, radio

  • It might seem unusual or strike a chord within you because it may contain the answer to a question you have been asking or it could be something your angels knew you needed to hear.

    • My husband lost his mother at a young age and he has a pretty cool story of their mom messing with their answering machine. You’ll be surprised at what our angels and spirits can manifest in the physical.


Other common signs experienced:

  • Strange coincidences that are unexplainable

  • phone calls, random phone ringing

  • ringing in your ears

  • electronics acting up without you touching them

  • randomly smelling familiar scents

  • seeing symbols in clouds

  • spontaneous moments of noticing beautiful things in nature

  • Angel Numbers: seeing repetitively numbers on the clock, license plates, at check out, etc.. 111, 888, 119, etc..

  • Babies and Pets smiling or looking at something you can’t see

  • feeling that someone is with you


So what do you do after you’ve experienced what you believe to be a sign from an angel or loved one?

SMILE!!! Be happy that they’ve reached out to you, feel a sense of peace that they are with you. And most importantly, THANK THEM! Say thank you, either out loud or in your mind.

I hope this brings you peace, and if you ever feel or sense a sign that isn’t included on my list, tell me about it, I’d love to hear your stories!

Jessica is a certified Angelic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Level 1 and 3rd Generation Psychic Healer

Jessica is a certified Angelic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Level 1 and 3rd Generation Psychic Healer