Im Turning into a Vegetable

It all started about 10 years ago when my friend Marki and I (old high school, slightly embarrassing baby photo below) made a bet with each other who could be Vegan the longest. Back in early high school, the idea of Veganism was really new to us, and I remember the stigma I had attached to vegans. "They must never shower, they probably prance around in the woods naked and name their kids after fruits." We didn't last very long - maybe a couple days. I didn't mind not eating meat, but dairy was incorporated into so many meals.


From that point on, for the last 10 years, I've been vegetarian and vegan on and off, never going more than 4 to 6 months without going back to old eating habits mainly due to the lack of convenience. I always seem to slip up or "cheat" during summer bbq season, or big family holiday celebrations. And, living in Northern Wisconsin (the dairy state?!) there are extremely limited vegan options! 

One of my goals for 2018 was to follow through with a vegan diet, or at least a vegetarian diet and to actually get serious about doing it! It took 6 months for me to finally make it happen and I can truly say that I feel better than I ever have, and I'm actually, HONESTLY enjoying the challenge! Before, I gave up too easy, gave in to cravings (like ice cream or milk chocolate) way to easily. And I think the majority of the culprit was not knowing what or how to cook vegan and vegetarian dishes that were of variety, fun and exciting. 

So how did I get to this point?

The point where I want to continue being vegan and I can't imagine going back!? I started with the Sakara 10 Day Reset cleanse which consisted of eating plant based meals while taking probiotics, detox teas and water elixirs which hydrate your body's cells. This was hardly a diet, and I didn't feel restricted whatsoever. I was excited about making the vegan recipes and the packaging of all the products is so on trend, I loved it all. When it was time to make tea, or eat a detox bar, I felt happy and excited to open it up and dig in!  

After the 10 day cleanse, I had to make a decision.

Do I go back to eating meat and dairy, or do I continue this LIFESTYLE and keep feeling great, mind body and spirit?! I needed some encouragement, so my fiancé and I decided to watch "What the Health," a netflix documentary outlining the crazy bullsh*t that lies within America's food industry. After watching that, and reminding myself of all the knowledge I already have about the meat and dairy industry, I no longer felt like being vegan should be a challenge, more so, a no nonsense decision that feels right for my body. Jordan told me that he wouldn't mind eating vegan meals and he was astounded at the information he learned in the documentary. He's not fully on board (I'm pretty positive he's eating burgers and pizza at work every day LOL), but his support and encouragement is amazing. And the fact that he's okay with eating vegan dinners with me every night means the world to me! 

Decision Made Easy! 

SO - in order to ensure that I cook a vegan or mostly vegan meal each night, I signed up for Sun Basket and Green Chef meal delivery kits. Let me tell you - WORLD CHANGED, MIND BLOWN, NEVER BEEN HAPPIER! I love, love, LOVE LOVE these two meal services for so many reasons. These meals are delivered weekly, cooking them is fun - you learn new things, you get to try new ingredients you would never even glance at in the grocery store, and every meal I make, I'm amazed at how delicious it truly is! Its so convenient because you don't have to spend time making your meal plan for the week, you don't have to spend hours at the grocery store looking for vegan ingredients that the typical market may not even carry, and the meals only take 20-45 minutes to cook! I do 4 meals from Sun Basket and 3 meals from Green  Chef so we have a healthy vegan dinner every night of the week. And if we happen to go out for dinner or miss a meal, I just make one for lunch! 


I love Sunbasket the most because the recipes are a little more my style - tofu burgers, crispy tempeh salads, spicy thai noodles, etc... And don't worry - if you're still into meat or you're into other diets, Sunbasket and Green Chef have Paleo, Gluten Free, Keto, and other meal options! Another reason I love Sunbasket is because of their App! Yes, an app! You go on the app every week and you get to choose which recipes, and how many, you want delivered. You can see the ingredients, a photo, have the option to add meat or dairy, and it makes me excited for the next delivery! 

I love Green Chef too, but for other reasons! Green Chef's recipes are very unique, and they're a surprise, You don't get to choose which recipes are sent to you BUT its not all that bad! I get to try new foods that I normally "think" I wouldn't like and I always do end up liking the meals! Green Chef's meals are a tad bit more complicated with more ingredients, but I don't mind. I love the variety! 

To make my case

If you're struggling with eating healthy, or saving money by trying to cook meals at home, or you're sick of the same Pinterest recipes you keep cooking week after week, I highly recommend trying these meal service kits. Think they're too expensive? THINK NOT! I spend about $130.00 each week for 14 meals (7 meals, 2 servings each). Now if I tried to make 14 meals and went grocery shopping on my own for all of those ingredients, I guarantee I would be spending at least double that price weekly. Start out with just 2 meals a week and decide if its for you! I bet you will fall in love with the convenience, the health factors, and the fun that goes along with it! 

I've also been purchasing Daily Harvest smoothie delivery kits for almost a year now and I absolutely love those too! I go online each month, I choose which smoothies I want sent to me, and I get enough for one each morning of the month! I don't have to think about a nutritious, vegan breakfast, because its already in my freezer waiting for me. You can add any liquid you prefer, for most smoothie cups I like to add plant based milk. Ripple is my favorite, it has protein and adds a creamy texture and vanilla flavor. I also add in Om Beauty and Sunfood Greens Superfood supplement powders. You can even add in protein powder if you wanted to! 

In Conclusion

If you hate the grocery store and never want to step foot in one again like me and If you're interested in trying any of these meal subscription services,

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Jessica Pence