2018, It's Going to be Magic

I have NEVER been one to set goals and resolutions for the new year ahead. I always had a somewhat pessimistic attitude towards them because I knew I would fail. But I realized something; if I assume I'm going to fail, of course I will! This year on New Year's Eve, I intentionally meditated on what I've accomplished in 2017, and what I want to accomplish in just 365 days.

So what Am I setting out to do in the new year?!

  • TRAVEL - THAILAND (this is happening in March), camp on a beach (preferably in the UP), backpack/kayak the Apostle Islands (also in the UP). AND MOST EXCITING OF ALL - book a trip to MOROCCO for 2019!!!!


  • ART - I hope to sell more paintings abroad in 2018. I would like to do a summer show out of state, maybe FLORIDA?! And I really want to complete another gallery exhibition. OH and I am striving to grow my instagram account to 15k followers by the year end! 


  • HOME - I have a TON of fence to paint you guys...help???? I'll also be landscaping my back yard, changing/updating my light fixtures, and I hope to find that perfect piece of land I've been searching for to build my future eco home! 


  • HEALTH - I want to get healthier this year. I am already on day 2/31 of eating a completely Vegan diet. I'm not sure if I will continue veganism for the rest of the year, but I am going to strive towards a completely pescatarian diet! I am also going to try and run at least 4 times per week. I love to run and I feel so good after doing a few miles. But the struggle is real...why is it so hard to make yourself get up and JUST - DO - IT?! Lastly, I really want to invest in a Kangen Water Machine. Ever heard of one?! GOOGLE IT NOW, or visit Amelia's amazing website (she can hook you up!!) http://www.saltsandandsmoothies.com You'll forever question the water you're drinking. 


  • LOVE - Maybe I'll find a boyfriend that doesn't have 4 legs and speaks english instead of WOOF? :D We'll see. But for now I've already got 2 really smelly boys to deal with (eye rolls).

 I am striving to accomplish what I want out of life each day. This year is going to be magical, I can already feel it.