Omnipresence, present everywhere, all of the time, in every way.

That is the word that came to mind when titling my latest painting. Seeing and experiencing signs of God, heavenly nods and most significantly, my fathers spirit have been abundant these past several months. Some of these signs are so astonishing, I'm taken back and all I can do is laugh, sometimes cry, always at a loss for words but never left without feelings of utmost peace washing over me. The title of this painting was chosen before I noticed the completely unintentional hawk-like shape in the cured paint...

Today on my drive to work, the mysterious white hawk gifted me with its presence for the fourth time since late June. I had been quite certain that this white hawk is my father's spirit coming to me in times of great significance, the first sighting being the one year anniversary since he left this physical world. Today, the hawk was within 6 feet of distance from me. It is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, with magnificent golden feathers and eyes, and the way it flies, it’s as if it is dancing. I still have not received a factual answer as to what this thing is doing in Northern Wisconsin, but I have come across quite a few spiritual answers pertaining to this white hawk that will throw anything factual out the door. One that resonates with me on such a personal level, "One trait all hawks share, is the ability to move between the seen and unseen realms gracefully, joining both worlds together." 

 If I wasn't sure of this White Hawk being a sign that my father is with me in spirit here on this earth, I am positive of it now… Today my third nephew was born into this world. My brother and his wife have two other young boys, all of which had names picked out before they were born. However my brother has chosen to name each of them something different upon seeing and holding them. My third nephew was to be named Landen but today, my brother chose to name him Gavin. This evening my brother sent me a screenshot of the meaning of the name Gavin. I couldn't believe what I was reading, "In Welsh the meaning of the name Gavin is:Hawk of the battle: white hawk." After naming their new baby boy, my brother and his wife were too astonished at the results when researching the meaning behind the name that was spontaneously chosen earlier that day. Further research enlightened them that the name is also the new aged version of Kevin, our fathers name.

I am amazed with how many heavenly affirmations my dad has given my brother and I. These blessings have shined a light into my soul that I couldn't have ever imagined possible. I know in my heart that our dad is our angel, watching over our family every single day. Losing his physical body was heartbreaking, but gaining his Omnipresent, angelic spirit is the greatest gift God could have given us in return.

Jessica Pence