The Mysterious Hawk

I've finally created a brand for myself rather than referring to my work as freelance! I chose to design a feather as my logo due to a recent sighting of a white hawk on the one year anniversary of my father passing. Deep? Yeah. Too deep for the internet? Maybe.

I always see hawks and eagles around my home but I had never seen a white hawk nor did I even know they existed until that day. After researching white hawk species I didn't come up with much of an answer as to exactly what I saw. There are white hawks, just not in Wisconsin. White hawks are prevalent in the south, Mexico specifically. It is possible that this white bird I saw was an albino red tailed hawk. Rare but possible. Did I mention I didn't just see this bird fly by? This white hawk flew directly in front of Yogi and I for our entire 2 mile run. It swooped up and down and side to side, all the while keeping an eye on us. And then, it flew left and that was the last I saw of it.

I couldn't get this bird out of my head for a week straight, and I was asking everyone I knew if they had ever seen a white hawk around here only to be told no, even laughed at by some! So I finally decided to do what I do best, put my creativity to work using this mysterious white hawk and it's serendipitous timing as my inspiration.

The branding of my work has been a long time coming. It has been an unknowingly slow journey, that of which I wasn't even planning on. It started out as weekly Facebook posts sharing my photography hobby with friends and family. Fast forward the clock 7 years, including 4 years of Art School, and 3 years of freelance work and photo commissions, I decided to start an Instagram account solely for my photography. Soon my art explorations led me to a love for paint and I added my artwork to my photography feed. I was becoming a part of an artistically virtual community which led me to create a dedicated portfolio website. Before I knew it, my Instagram feed was gaining followers, likes and commissions for artwork! I was even asked to create exclusive apparel designs for a company called VIDA, based out of San Francisco, CA.

I have always freelanced work, but given the amount of time I've put into my passion, I think it's safe to say I can be "official" enough for a brand of my own. A brand with meaning. A brand with a story. A brand that can soar...just like that white hawk.  

So welcome to, J.Pence Studios. Enjoy!

Jessica Pence