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Thank you so much for appreciating my art. Commissioning a custom, intuitively healing painting is the perfect opportunity for you to get an extremely special piece full of wisdom and angelic messages channeled just for you. I am of service to your healing journey and I will elicit my healing abilities through my connection with your painting’s crystals with the help of our angels and guides.


Who can benefit from a healing painting? Those suffering with symptoms of:

Stress, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Feelings of Uneasiness, Tiredness, Headaches, Digestive Issues, Worry, Ringing Ears, Back pain, Grief, Unresolved Childhood Issues and much more.



When I paint *for someone, I am joined by their angels, guides, and loved ones that have passed into the next life. My painting process becomes very intuitive; colors, textures and shapes are suggestions from spirit, as if my body is their vessel. As their vessel, I channel and communicate with spirit, listening intently on the healing message that is meant for you. The crystals in your painting are infused with healing; prayed over and cleansed, and filled with positive energy to aid in your healing for years to come.

Think of your complete painting as my conversation with your angels recorded onto something tangible that you can see and feel with your hands. Along with your healing painting, you will receive a personal write up about my experience painting for you as well as information about the healing crystals in your piece.


As a certified Angelic Healing Practitioner, and Certified Reiki I , Jessica’s soul’s purpose in this life is to help you find peace and inner joy, to raise your vibration and awaken your own intuitive healing ability that exists in us all. Jessica understands how to energetically help others move through anxiety, grief, pain, and life’s endless up’s and down’s, just as she has done in her own past and ongoing present, with unconditional love.

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To get started:

Fill out the inquiry form below or email Jessica at info@pence-jessica.com. Once your request is received, Jessica will contact you to discuss your desires, both for healing and for what you’d like your painting to look like.

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I commissioned a piece as a wedding gift for my bride, and asked Jessica to base it on the existing colors and decor we have in our house. Jessica exceeded my expectations and delivered a fantastic piece. I have no hesitation sharing that we got the artwork from Jessica with our friends and family who admire it. Amazing job and thank you!
— Jamie , Texas

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Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of the success of healing, and no guarantee is placed upon Intuitive Healing Paintings. You should consult your doctor of serious health issues and symptoms before seeking alternative medicinal routes.