Daily Habits & Bettering Your Life


Meditate Daily

Daily Meditation

When you think of meditation, you probably picture buddha or a yogi sitting with their legs crossed, with perfect posture, eyes closed and looking zen as ever. Meditation, actually, can be done in many different forms, such as laying down before you fall asleep, it can be done while walking, it can be done while swimming, it can be done while you do yoga! Meditation is by far one of the easiest daily habits to practice.

  1. Find a quiet, dedicated spot with no distractions. Or, if you’re more active, get on your tennis shoes and headphones and head out for a walk outside. I personally prefer to meditate in bed, propped up slightly.

  2. Choose a time to execute your meditation daily. The best time to do so is in the morning, when your mind is still quiet. But use your best judgment, as you know your body best. I like to meditate in the evening, once my day is done and there’s no more to worry about until tomorrow. Another one of my favorite spots to meditate is in a healing crystal therapy bed, at a local holistic spa in my area. Meditation can be done almost anywhere, and it can be done while sitting still, or while doing something relatively active that doesn’t require much thought (such as while walking and running.)

  3. So you have your location and time down, but how the heck do you actually meditate? Well for starters, guided meditations are really easy, all you do is listen to the prompts and directions. I use the app, “insight timer” but you can also access thousands of free guided meditations on youtube. If you’ve never meditated before, I suggest doing a guided meditation for deep sleep and relaxation when you are in bed and ready to fall asleep. This type of guidance will whist you away into a deep sleep, almost like someone is reading a bedtime story to you. Visualization is used in meditation so prepare to use your imagination and let all inhibitions go.

  4. But what if my mind can’t stay quiet and focus? Well, that’s the point of meditation. Its an on-going practice to find stillness in between those noisy and never ending thoughts. People who have been meditating for years still find racing thoughts going through their mind. That is the nature of our brains, and to accept those thoughts and slowly begin to be aware, and then observe those thoughts is the power of practicing meditation. “I have to do the dishes.” “I need to pay those bills.” “I forgot to call grandma Lou.” Observe the thoughts, and then bring your attention back to the present moment and repeat a mantra. I like to come up with a mantra before beginning a meditation session to come back to if I notice racing thoughts. “I am here now, this moment is the only moment that is real.” Or lately I have been repeating “I am abundant. I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am strong.”


Personal development through education

Personal Development

I am a huge, huge believer in educating yourself, and to never stop learning. Every single day, new information is available to use at our fingertips, waiting to be consumed. I choose to educate myself daily about new things that I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. Allow yourself to become cultured, worldly and vast, instead of sheltered and only knowing what’s in your 25 mile vicinity. I do so by reading self development books and I try to read almost every single day. Some days, if I don’t feel like reading, I’ll tune in to my favorite podcasts, it feels like someone is reading to me. Some of my favorite topics to educate myself on are:

  • Manifestation

  • Mediumship

  • Ayurvedic Healing

  • Crystal Healing Modalities

  • Spirit and Different Planes of Consciousness

  • Different Country’s cultures and places I want to travel to

  • Global Warming and how to reduce our carbon footprints

  • Astrology

  • Human Design

Something I’ve been incorporating into my routine lately is instead of pulling out my phone when in a waiting room at the dentist office, or while I eat meals, I pull out a book. It helps me remain present in the now, and it also helps me become more aware of my surroundings.

I’ve also been bringing a book with me to workouts, or while I sweat it out in my infrared sauna wrap instead of scrolling social media.

You don’t need to go out and purchase books to begin incorporating this habit into your life. Find topics that genuinely spark an interest in you (not fiction!) and google articles to read. Always check the sources are credible though.*

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Journal Daily

Journal Daily

In 2019, I bought several journals and sketch books and I began writing almost daily. I write nonsense, thoughts, scenarios, dreams, goals, to-do lists, manifestations, pings, etc… Some days when I don’t feel like writing, I scribble, sketch or doodle. Or I simply write “I don’t want to write today.” and go on with my day. But I’ve noticed something profound. When I journal my thoughts and feelings down, especially after a not-so-pleasant situation in life, I feel 1,0000 x’s better than if I were to go straight to my husband, best friends or mother and begin venting out loud. When I choose to journal first, it allows me to sort out my thoughts and make sense of what im feeling. When I read what I wrote down, my problems diminish and seem silly, or they make sense and I know what step to take next.

Not only does journaling out your feelings or negative situations help you move forward with life in a more sound manner, but journaling affirmations, goals and things you want to manifest is the first positive step in making something actually happen or become reality.

Additionally, you can keep several different journals around the house, in your desk, in your car, in your purse, etc… to write specific topics in each one. I have the following journals:

  • dream interpretations (when I have a dream that was particularly interesting, I write it down to remember it and later decipher the dream.

  • goals/affirmations/what you want to manifest

  • feelings, don’t cry it out, write it out

  • short term to-do lists, daily check lists

  • ideas for work, art, blogging, etc…


shift your perspective daily

Shift your Perspective Daily

I am an absolute believer in shifting our perspective and changing our daily narratives. When you catch yourself complaining, change your narrative. “I don’t want to do this work.” becomes “I can’t believe I get to do this work, I’m so lucky!” Changing your perspective from complaining to blessings will do wonders for your mood, your outlook, your productiveness, and overall wellbeing. You can look at shifting your perspective to tricking your mind, but at the same time, there is no tricking necessary, because both perspectives can be true. Its up to you to choose which is your truth.

  • Break your daily habit of complaining. The moment you catch yourself complaining, stop and change your outlook.

  • Limit or dissolve all need to complain or talk negatively when conversing with others. Attitudes, energies and vibes are all incredibly contagious and spread like wildfire. Choose to talk about positivity, not negativity.

  • Trust that everything in your life is happening FOR you, not TO you. Every thing in life is an opportunity to learn from. We are here in this life to learn, grow, go through lessons and transformations. There will always be something good that comes after something bad happens. If we didn’t know darkness's, how would we ever know lightness? Its all about balance.

  • Anytime you begin to complain about something, turn that complaint into gratefulness.

    • “OMG I don’t want to pay my mortgage/rent this month.” “Wow, I’m so blessed I make enough money to pay for my own place to live in.”

    • “I don’t feel like driving to work today, I just want to stay home.” “I can’t believe that I have such a nice vehicle, and I’m well and able to drive myself to work, what a blessing.”

    • You get the picture! :) Now stop complaining and start being grateful for the life you live!