Commission a Custom Painting

Thank you so much for appreciating my art. Commissioning a custom painting is the perfect opportunity for you to get an extremely special and original piece meant just for you and your space.

Follow the easy steps below to get started.

Fill out the inquiry form below or email Jessica at Once your request is received, Jessica will contact you to discuss your space the painting will go in, and what you’d like your painting to look like.


1. Get Inspired!

Take a peek at my paintings in the shop, in the gallery, or on social media. Tell me what you are drawn to and why so we can chat about the style you like best.

Style: The unique styles of texture and movement come from Jessica's artistic judgement once she understands your style preference. Abstract paintings can be created in a number of different techniques including oil and resin. By sharing your favorite paintings she has made in the past, as well as color schemes of your home, she will be able to come up with the perfect piece for you.

Heavenly Realms on background.jpg

2. Choose your Size!

Decide which size would best suit the space you are hoping to fill. Also tell me if you prefer the look of my paintings on wood panel or canvas.

Sizes & Surfaces: Choose the size you'd like your custom painting to be based on the space it will be hung. Jessica can do any size you wish. Surfaces include stretched canvas or wood panel.

For help with sizing and pricing, click here to email Jess!

Spheres on background.jpg

3. Pick Embellishments!

Love Gold leafing, crystals, agates?! Tell me your favorites and lets see how we can incorporate them into your custom painting!

Materials: Jessica is keen to using additional elements in her artwork such as precious and semi-precious gemstones and metallic leafing. Specify whether or not you'd like these materials incorporated in your artwork and what types are your favorite. Jessica also uses vintage trinkets such as broaches and buttons, if you have any special family heirlooms you'd like incorporated into a painting, that is certainly possible.

You Stole My Heart on background.jpg

4. The Important Stuff!

Tell me when you need your custom artwork by. Fill out the inquiry form below to get started, I can’t wait to make some art for you!

Timeline & Availability: Custom paintings have a 2-3 week turnaround. Every piece takes time to create along with additional time for resin curing. Jessica will remain in contact with the client throughout the process to receive feedback and input. Once the painting is finished, customers have the option to have the painting framed professionally.

Pricing & Deposit: Each custom painting is priced based on your requested size with the addition of 3D elements and framing. Please email for a commission request. She will follow up with you with in 48 hours to confirm details and provide price quotes via email or phone. Your 50% deposit confirms your order and the remaining balance will be due upon completion and pickup.

I commissioned a piece as a wedding gift for my bride, and asked Jessica to base it on the existing colors and decor we have in our house. Jessica exceeded my expectations and delivered a fantastic piece. I have no hesitation sharing that we got the artwork from Jessica with our friends and family who admire it. Amazing job and thank you!
— Jamie , Texas

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