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My name is Jessica, Marketing Professional, Fine Artist and 3rd Generation Psychic Healer. I am a crystal soul, certified in Angelic Frequency Healing and Reiki 1, with a passion for holistic living and inspiring others.

I live in northern Wisconsin with my husband Jordan, three angel dogs Yogi, Sully, and Beets, & way too many house plants. Creating and painting used to be my therapeutical aid in recovering from grief and my journey through that pain has led me to open up to, and share my psychic gifts. Aside from my art passion, I share the message of holistic healing, Kangen Water and environmentalism, while working along side my family at our manufacturing business. Although I go to a typical office job every day, it’s a special blessings in my life to be able to work with my family at a company that my grandpa created in the 70’s. My life has many different facets, each making up my beautiful, unique life that I am so grateful for.

The inspiration behind Crystalline Crest (formerly J.Pence Studios) began shortly after my father passed away. I started noticing a White Hawk following me on a regular basis. I believe this Hawk is a sign or message from spirit sent to me to bring enlightenment to my psychic gifts, and this phenomenon has pushed me to follow my true path.

If you’d like to know my story in detail, keep scrolling.



Strange Becomings


Ive always been a bigger picture kind of thinker. Bigger picture as in what are we, and why are we here, a part of all this. Experiencing such curiosity has always left me with an insatiable appetite. I’ve always been especially curious of the one thing that seems to connect us all, Spirit. My first experience with the spirit world happened at a very young age, my earliest memory at 4 years old; but I never thought anything of it. Strange spirit occurrences continued to happen throughout my life until I was about 16, when I started to push it away in denial, out of fear of what others would think of me. Growing up, I excelled in expressing myself through art, but never once took it seriously. Being shy in most situations, and always feeling extremely different than others my age, I was left full of energy that I didn’t know how to expel. Drawing and writing was my way of getting it all out.

I have realized that I have always lived for the moments of escape that art gives me. I live for that feeling of connectedness to something greater. Truthfully, I am still an imaginative, endlessly curious, kinda-shy girl. 


The Transformation


As I grew older, I couldn’t wait to leave town and be somewhere new, anywhere but home. I told myself I’d never come back because there was nothing here for me. I attended college and received my bachelors degree in design arts. I didn’t begin college with an art major, of course. I started out with an accounting major to please my family, then switched to communications because I LOVE to write and my mom supported the decision. That same semester I took my first film photography course which was a prerequisite for my communications major. I fell in absolute love. I took my camera out on photography hunts, capturing anything I thought was beautiful. I felt the happiest when I was in the art department on campus. By the end of my 2nd year I had decided I was going to major in design arts with a focus on graphic design (thanks to a very good friend at the time! She explained to me what the profession was all about and what the classes were like). My family was nervous, supportive in an unsure way, they had their doubts and referenced the “Starving Artist” cliche often. But I stuck with my decision. Strangely, of all the courses I took, painting was not one of them. Painting used to be so intimdating for me! I stuck to design, photography, drawing, sculpture and print making.

After graduating, I continued freelancing design and photography while maintaining a steadily promising career in corporate marketing. Even though I was attaining goals I had set for myself, I was so, so lost. I was so far away from that girl I used to be, and so very depressed. But at 24 I didn’t feel like I could admit this to anyone. I was living in a world where I felt like I had to hide my true self. I hid so deeply, that I began to forget who “Jessica” even was.

In March of 2015, while working a marketing position at a jewelry designers storefront, my world came crashing in on me. Crumbling..to pieces. My father was diagnosed with an aggressive and fatal disease. He was given a handful of weeks to live. I left the life I was trying to build to come home, and start all over again just to get a few more moments with my dad. That place I said I’d never return to.

Losing my dad still feels so heavy, is bitterly painful most days, but was also the biggest blessing in my life. It ultimately pushed me back into my true direction, my path.

To cope with what was happening to my life, I retreated to my mom’s art studio and walking trails daily, and became completely lost in seeing the world as I once did before. One night, I came across a canvas and some cheap acrylic paints in my moms studio. I don’t know why I felt so inclined to try painting; death and loss does funny things to people I suppose. I was immediately hooked. I spent hours and hours teaching myself how to paint with oils and later on with time, resin. Painting, quite literally became my form of therapy. I could not live without creating art, no matter how many tears welled in my eyes and got in the way of seeing what I was painting. Painting was where I could escape from the world and focus on anything my mind could imagine. It allowed me to meditate and pray without even realizing it. I was slowly coming back to myself, the real “Jessica” that I so deeply missed. And I soon began to open up to spirit once again. I started to see and hear messages, signs, serendipitous occurrences, but I stayed quiet about it, still out of fear of judgement.

I continued painting and communing with spirit in private for the next year…

One day, I decided I was confident enough to share my art on social media and my world began to change in a positive way. 


Wings To Soar


On the one year anniversary of my father’s passing, while on a jog with my dog yogi, we saw a massive, brilliant white and gold hawk fly above us for a mile straight. He was watching us so intently. I felt like I was flying with this hawk, like he was carrying me. I experienced such an overwhelming source of pure, loving light emanating from this hawk, I knew right away that god was with us. He was showing me that I can soar with my wildest dreams while remaining entirely true to myself without inhibitions. It was the confirmation I had prayed for, and god knew that was the best way to get the message through to me. It was by far the most breathtaking animal encounter I had ever experienced, and yet it hardly felt real, like I was dreaming. But oh, it was so real. With my longing to live my life authentically, Spirit manifested itself in physical form so that I would finally get the message. I have a feeling that my dad up in heaven had a little something to do with this hawk…

I launched my business that very night Yogi and I saw the hawk. I have since created and sold hundreds of paintings all through Social Media while becoming an internationally published artist. As I began to open up more and more to my psychic gifts, the realization came that this phenomena is here to stay, and cannot be pushed away or hidden. My journey through art was for a very specific purpose, a discovery of something much, much deeper.

I still see hawks several times a week, along with many, many other spirit medicines in animal form.

As a psychic healer, I am always studying the spirit world and have completed courses in Angelic Frequency Healing, Reiki and am currently in mediumship and psychic healing modality training.


Mediumistic powers are not so much developed as are revealed. When we recognize our true nature, we begin to remove all the conditioning that prevents us recognizing them as an integral part of who we are as spiritual beings.
— Eileen Davies



Solo Exhibit: Olson Memorial Library Gallery 11/17





Jessica Received her Bachelor of Design Arts Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay in May of 2009.

Over time and with much trial and error, I've learned which types of resin and various mediums best convey my vision. Using unorthodox tools and specific formulas, I am able to manipulate my mediums of choice to make certain textures, patterns and reactions. I incorporate genuine crystals, rocks and agates sourced from all over the world into each painting. The harmony of these textures and 3D elements creates my signature aesthetic.

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Proprietary Process

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Jessica received her Reiki Level 1 Certification from Lisa Powers, Reiki Master / Teacher

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Jessica received her Certified Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner diplomas from instructor Tania Magdalene, recognized by the International Association of Therapists